Stockholm Royal Seaport Eco District: Fossil Fuel-Free by 2030


10,000 new residences. 30,000 new workspaces. A sustainable waterfront district in a major European capital. That’s the vision for Stockholm Royal Seaport, a brownfield site being transformed into a cutting-edge urban district.

The new neighborhood, within walking distance to Stockholm’s city center, has set a goal of being fossil-fuel free by 2030, when it’s slated for completion. To achieve the goal, 30 percent of the district’s electricity with be locally produced with renewable energy. The neighborhood will be outfitted with a “smart grid” to maximize energy efficiency. Walking, biking and public transport will be prioritized over cars.

The city of Stockholm is investing about $150 million into the project.The Stockholm initiative brings to mind HafenCity, Hamburg’s ambitious waterfront Eco District.

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