Frost & Sullivan: $3.3 Trillion Market Potential for Smart Cities by 2025


Here’s a fresh reminder that smart cities are big business. According to new analysis released today, Frost & Sullivan forecasts that the market potential for smart cities (i.e., “infrastructure development, technology integration, and e-government, energy and security services”) could reach $3.3 trillion — that’s TRILLION with a “T” — by 2025.

The research firm will hold a web conference on Thursday Sept. 5 at 16.00 BST (British Summer Time) to discuss its findings. From the press release:

“The web conference will highlight projects, companies and technologies that are going to invade and change the smart city space globally in the next decade. The presentation will benefit market players from energy, infrastructure, and ICT sectors as well as builders, manufacturers, distributors, network providers, managed services and outsourcing companies.”

“Senior Partner, Sarwant Singh, Program Manager, Archana Amarnath, and Team Leader, Archana Vidyasekar, will facilitate the discussion along with IBM Vice, President Karen Parrish, and other key industry players.”

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