‘Internet of Things’ Could Revolutionize Urban Design


The Internet of Things is not just about turning off the oven remotely after you’ve left home, or setting your fridge to automatically order milk when the carton is near empty. According to National Geographic, this coming technology wave has vast implications for cities:

“In a push toward adoption of this technology, Songdo in South Korea aims to become the first totally wired “smart city,” where almost every item interfaces with an Internet of things. Planners hope to collect a vast wealth of data on everyday objects, and use that to increase efficiencies.”

Upsides include the potential for more efficient cities — streamlined traffic, reduced carbon emissions and quicker responses to infrastructure problems, such as broken water mains. But with more than 30 billion interconnected devices forming an Internet of Things by 2020, there will be privacy and cybersecurity concerns. Read the full story here.

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