WSJ: Driverless Cars Down the Pike


In the near future, humans won’t drive cars; cars will drive humans.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the next big evolution in automotive technology — autonomous vehicles guided by sensors, cameras and computer algorithms — will be mass-marketed in just ten years.

Beyond revolutionizing how we drive, autonomous cars will change how we think about vehicles. Imagine if your car could drop you off at the airport and park itself, the article says. Or what if rental cars could drive themselves to customers and return themselves on their own?

This giant leap in technology could fuel the growing trend among millennials to forgo the expense and responsibility of car ownership, the Journal notes.

An early pioneer is Google, which has used driverless cars to assist with data collection for its online maps. The Wall Street Journal  highlights several automakers that already offer technologies that can automatically park cars and brake when other vehicles get too close.

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