Meet the New, Eco-Friendly Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City is about much more than Mormons and mountains. According to Smart Growth America, Mayor Ralph Becker is transforming the city into a “prosperous urban center” that emphasizes “accessibility, sustainability and livability.”

Light rail, rapid bus transit, bike share and a plan to make all city government buildings “net zero” emission facilities are among the initiatives the mayor is spearheading.

For his efforts on climate change, Becker was a recipient of a 2013 Mayors’ Protection Climate Award. From the press release:

“The Salt Lake City Public Safety Building will be the first public safety building in the nation to achieve a Net Zero rating. To reach this lofty goal and ensure the building produces as much energy as it uses, the city employed a host of innovative technologies including rooftop solar and an off-site solar farm, planned LEED Platinum certification, locally-sourced and environmentally-sound materials and high efficiency mechanical systems.”


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