Cisco’s Chambers on ‘Reimagining’ India’s Cities


In a just-published essay on India’s “mass urbanization” in a new book called Reimagining India, Cisco CEO John Chambers offers a few pointers for Indian cities as they undergo rapid change.

Here are a few highlights from an excerpt published by India’s Business Standard:

  • To accommodate a mass exodus from villages to cities, India “must build a staggering 900 million square meters of new urban residential space in less than twenty years,” Chambers writes.
  • Adoption of global open standards such as LEED certification for energy-efficient buildings, reliance on telecommuting to reduce traffic congestion, and “targeted” infrastructure investments could ease the path to urbanization, he adds.

Cisco is heavily invested in India’s future. The tech giant has partnered on some ambitious projects, most notably the $90 billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor that will create 24 new cities. More at Citiscope.




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