Launches with Stories on Urban Innovation


Announcing the official launch of a nonprofit news venture with a critical mission: coverage of urban innovation around the globe. Citiscope explores “how cities are inventing new ways to cope with such challenges as climate change, poverty, congestion and environmental quality,” the site explains here.

Here’s more from the editors on Citiscope’s focus:

We’ve founded Citiscope as an independent, nonprofit media startup. We believe cities have a lot to learn from each other, no matter what country of the world they’re in. We’re focused on finding innovations in cities around the world and spreading the word about them through quality journalism. Our storytellers are local writers, people who understand the context and culture where urban ideas are born and can track the progress of those ideas.

We seek to serve the architects of this future: mayors, councils, city staffs, and cities’ business, civic and neighborhood groups.  Concurrently, we’ll provide a constant flow of news on major city experiments and breakthroughs to leagues of municipalities, corporations, NGOs, university centers — all those with a special interest in, and stake in, the global urban future.

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    July 1, 2014 at 5:54 pm

    Fascinating site. Keep up the excellent writing.

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