Joburg’s month-long car-free experiment


Across the globe, many cities close streets to traffic each week to encourage physical activity. reports that in Johannesburg, an entire neighborhood went car-free—for all of October.

The road closures were part of the EcoMobility Festival being held in the Sandton section of Joburg from Oct. 1 to 31. The goal of the auto-free zone was to raise awareness about transport alternatives to fossil fuel, an event summary on the website says.

The festival also spotlighted the city’s new Rea Vaya bus rapid transit network, which would cover 330 kms (205 miles) when complete and be accessible to 80 percent of the city’s residents. And it celebrated the construction of new bicycle and pedestrian paths in Sandton, the article says. More details here about the festival.

Citiscope recently caught up with Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Parks Tau to hear his thoughts on ecomobility.

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