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BBC: South Korea’s Songdo Scores on Tech, Sours on Buzz

Songdo, South Korea is a showcase for some of the world’s most innovative urban technology. But that doesn’t mean it’s a desirable place to live. According to the BBC, while Songdo scores points for advancements such as pneumatic waste removal and sensors that monitor temperature, energy use and traffic flow, it struggles with the most basic…

George Mason Univ., other Colleges Flock to Songdo

One of the world’s brainiest cities is about to get a whole lot smarter. Major American and European universities are flocking to Songdo, a high-tech wunderland built from scratch along the Incheon waterfront in South Korea. Among the institutions that have signed on: George Mason University, University of Utah, and the State University of New…


Fast Facts: new smart city rising on Incheon’s waterfront in South Korea among the world’s greenest and most sustainable cities designed as a global business hub and “aerotropolis” Key Links: www.Songdo.com Nine Short Videos about Life in Songdo

‘Internet of Things’ Could Revolutionize Urban Design


The Internet of Things is not just about turning off the oven remotely after you’ve left home, or setting your fridge to automatically order milk when the carton is near empty. According to National Geographic, this coming technology wave has vast implications for cities: “In a push toward adoption of this technology, Songdo in South Korea aims to become…

Smart Growth Leaders

You don’t have to live in Songdo or Masdar to experience a smart city. Smart development includes everything from more bike lanes and green space to sensors, LEED buildings and improved mass-transit.