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Welcome to the world’s first news portal devoted to the reimagination of cities.

More people on our planet live in urban areas than rural ones,  a recipe for rampant pollution, overcrowding and other burdens that place cities under tremendous strain. The reinvention of urban life is not a luxury — it’s a necessity, especially for countries such as India and China that face overwhelming population challenges, but also in the U.S. and other developed nations where many communities grapple with aging infrastructure. Saigon

At ReinventCities.com, you’ll find the latest information about smart cities rising from the Arabian Peninsula to Asia, Europe and beyond. The site also highlights the most innovative smart growth developments in the United States and throughout the world.

ReinventCities.com is designed to serve as a resource for the international community of visionaries dedicated to making cities more sustainable and liveable. Think of us as a news portal, an online gathering spot for urbanists and a research tool — all combined.

Please visit often and join the worldwide discussion on the next generation of cities.

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