Joburg’s month-long car-free experiment

Across the globe, many cities close streets to traffic each week to encourage physical activity. reports that in Johannesburg, an entire neighborhood went car-free—for all of October. The road closures were part of the EcoMobility Festival being held in the Sandton section of Joburg from Oct. 1 to 31. The goal of the auto-free…

La Paz debuts world’s longest urban cable car network

Mountainous La Paz has introduced an urban cable car system that’s set to become the longest in the world when complete in May. According to the Guardian, the $234 million network will cover nearly 11 kilometers (6.8 miles). The system, comprise of three gondola lines, is projected to carry 180,000 passengers an hour. For residents…

Dubai as a smart city?

Dubai is lavish, daring and full of bravado. In other words, it’s the antithesis of what a smart city aims to be. But lately, the message coming from the UAE is that this bastion of architectural excess aspires to be the next smart metropolis.

Bike Share Kiosks Coming to Five Vietnamese Cities

The Saigoneer reports that bike-share programs are set to launch in five cities in Vietnam beginning in 2015. As anyone who’s traveled to Vietnam knows, people there love motorbikes—so a switch to clean pedal power is a logical step that could do wonders for improving air quality. According to the article, Ho Chi Minh’s District 1, home to…

From Toxic to Trendy: The Evolution of the Gowanus Canal

Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal has long been known as one of New York City’s most polluted waterways. It’s so toxic, that the EPA declared it a Superfund cleanup site. But according to the New York Post, the canal and its surrounding neighborhood are undergoing a remarkable transformation. As the canal gets cleaned up, developers are seizing the opportunity…

Meet the New, Eco-Friendly Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is about much more than Mormons and mountains. According to Smart Growth America, Mayor Ralph Becker is transforming the city into a “prosperous urban center” that emphasizes “accessibility, sustainability and livability.” Light rail, rapid bus transit, bike share and a plan to make all city government buildings “net zero” emission facilities are…

Reports: Houston is the New Face of Green

Automobile-dependent Houston is synonymous with oil, gas and the sort of sprawl that drains life from downtowns, but according to Governing and CNN, the city is making a concerted effort to be more green, sustainable, walkable and bike-friendly. There’s even a “Green Houston” plan that aims to transform Car City into Green City.

London Aspires to be a Walker’s Paradise


London is serious about pedestrian traffic. So serious that it devised a plan more than a decade ago to make its streets more accessible and attractive to walkers. The “Walking Plan for London” includes these goals to make the city among the world’s most walkable by 2015: