Dakar street vendors aided by West Africa’s first municipal bond

The first municipal bond ever issued in West Africa will help Dakar’s humblest entrepreneurs: street vendors.  Omar Siddique, senior urban specialist for the Cities Alliance, writes that the seven-year, $40 million bond will relocate a hodgepodge of city markets to a central marketplace. The facility would provide better commercial space for 3,000 vendors and help…

Citiscope.org Launches with Stories on Urban Innovation


Announcing the official launch of a nonprofit news venture with a critical mission: coverage of urban innovation around the globe. Citiscope explores “how cities are inventing new ways to cope with such challenges as climate change, poverty, congestion and environmental quality,” the site explains here.

Blog Argues Against Replacing Urban Highways

Interesting essay in the Firefly Living blog argues that cities should not build new highways to replace crumbling ones that had to be torn down. Firefly Living is a real estate firm that emphasizes sustainable housing that “leaves a light environmental footprint.”

Food Recovery Network a Delicious Idea

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. That’s the case with the Food Recovery Network, which collects leftovers from restaurants and campuses that are destined for trash dumpsters and distributes this perfectly edible cuisine to the homeless and needy.

Smart City World Congress Set for Barcelona

Shenzen China

Twenty-one international delegations. At least 22 mayors from around the world. More than 100 global cities. All will participate in one of the premier global events on the reimagination of cities, the third annual Smart City Expo World Congress set for Barcelona from Nov. 19-21. Sessions will cover a wide range of topics including strategies…