Public Policy

Mayoral decisions pivotal to climate change–report


With high-stakes climate talks underway in Paris, a new report says that decisions by city leaders over the next five years could determine the course of climate change. The report, Climate Action in Megacities 3.0, was published by C40 Cities and Arup. The study provides a broad overview of municipal-level responses to warming temperatures, heatwaves,…

Smart Growth Advocates Brief U.S. Congress

National Complete Streets Coaliton and Environmental and Energy Study Institute briefed U.S. congressional members and staff Thursday on the group’s proposals for federally funded roadways that are designed to be safer for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, the disabled and elderly, and reduce dependence on fossil fuel while promoting low-emission alternatives, such as intercity rail systems. National Complete Streets Federal…

Citizenville Challenge: Is Your City In?

Five cities have signed up for the Citizenville Challenge, an initiative launched by California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Code for America that helps cities design “action plans” to implement new innovations such as open data, social media, standardized data formats and citizen engagement apps. San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, Austin and Philadelphia are the cities that have joined so far.