Emerging Technologies


Mashable: 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have

This Big City: Eight Imaginative Projects Reusing Infrastructure in Cities

China Innovation

Foreign Policy magazine: Cities of the Future, Made in China

Urban Operating Systems

Software runs computers — so why not entire cities? Read more about how an ”urban operating system” that functions as a computerized nerve center can manage the operations of a city:

The PlanIT Operating System

New York Times: “Mission Control, Built for Cities”: IBM Takes ‘Smarter Cities’ Concept to Rio de Janeiro


Gigaom: NYC Replaces Payphones with Giant Touchscreens

More details from Cisco

Vertical Farms

In cities short on space, the best farming options are vertical.

Sky Greens: Singapore’s Vertical Farm

Plantagon, Linkoping, Sweden

NPR: Vertical ‘Pinkhouses’: The Future of Urban Farming?





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